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Ovarian cancer

Oncoxpert: 96% Survival Rate for Ovarian Cancer Patients

Ovarian cancer is suspected in patients with lower abdominal mass on either Ultrasound scan or CT scan and elevated CA 125 levels in blood.

Suspected patients are evaluated scientifically to offer personalized treatment plan.

Most patients are advised genetic testing also. Advanced stage patients require extensive cytoreductive surgery, HIPEC, chemotherapy and immunotherapy in certain patients.

Cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer usually spreads to the peritoneum and optimum surgery is known as cytoreduction and includes complete removal of the disease in the abdomen.

Our expert onco-surgeons have a stellar record in complete clearance of disease with 96% of our patients having complete cytoreduction.


We also perform intraoperative chemotherapy known as HIPEC which reduces the chance of recurrence.

All advanced stage patients undergo HIPEC with good outcomes.

Fertility sparing treatment

 Young women who desire to conceive in future are offered fertility sparing options depending on feasibility. 


Patients who have specific mutations in genetic analysis will be offered immunotherapy further reducing the chances of recurrence 

Number of patients treated

Stage I
0 Total Patients treated
Stage II
0 Total Patients treated
Stage III
0 Total Patients treated
Stage IV
0 Total Patients treated
Complete cytoreduction achieved in – 96% 
HIPEC – 52 cases 

Survival at 5 years after completion of treatment

0 %
Stage 1
0 %
Stage 2
0 %
Stage 3
0 %
Stage 4

Personalized treatment plans that meet the individual needs of each patient for Ovarian Cancer

Cytoreductive surgery

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Treatments are offered in best cancer hospitals in bangalore by best oncologists

Dr Sunil Navalgund

Dr Sunil Navalgund

Dr. Sunil Navalgund has considerable experience in minimally invasive and robotic cancer surgeries. He has a keen sense of understanding of the cutting edge technologies in cancer care and effectively delivers them to patients for their optimum benefit.

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