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Professional Work by Dr Sunil Navalgund

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Dr. Sunil Navalgund (Surgical Oncologist)

MBBS, MS- General Surgery, MCH-Surgical Oncology Surgical Oncologist/Cancer Surgeon

Dr Sunil Navalgund is a comprehensive surgical oncologist and a cancer specialist trained from the prestigious Tata memorial hospital Mumbai, and has an experience of over ten years in the field of oncology. He has considerable experience in minimally invasive and robotic cancer surgeries. He has a keen sense of understanding of the cutting edge technologies in field of cancer care and effectively delivers them to patients for their optimum benefit. 

He has done his under graduation from Shri BM Patil Medical College Bijapur and post-graduation from Vijayanagar institute of medical sciences Bellary. He trained as surgical oncologist and did his (surgical oncology) from the prestigious Tata memorial hospital. During his stint at the Tata memorial hospital he has worked and gained experience in all the subspecialities of surgical oncology like thoracic oncology, Gl and HPB oncology, head and neck oncology, uro-oncology and gyneconcology.

He has worked as Specialist surgical registrar at his alma mater TMH and also as assistant professor at MVJ medical college and the Dr BR Ambedkar medical college Bangalore.

He keeps abreast with all upcoming cutting edge technologies like oncoplas- ty for breast cancer, organ and function preserving surgeries, Spincter saving surgeries for rectal cancer, laparoscopic and robotic surgeries and integrates them into his clinical practice for maximal benefit of patients.


He is consultant surgical oncologist with Apollo hospitals Bangalore since 2018 and striving to improve the lives of cancer patients in Bangalore.

He has been a faculty at various conferences and workshops held in various parts of the country to enhance learning for young oncologists and improve cancer care .

He is a teacher for oncosurgery DNB course at apollo hospitals BG road bangalore.

Our treatment strategies focus on these aspects to provide maximum benefits to the patients 

Improving survival and reducing recurrence 

Our oncologists apply their knowledge of latest treatment strategies to provide personalized treatment protocols to maximise survival and minimize recurrence. Our cancer hospital in bangalore has one of the lowest recurrence rates.

Survival rates are improved with multimodality treatment with internationally recommended treatment protocols. Surgery with good margins and adequate lymph node clearance also improves survival.

Optimising patient condition and improving tolerance of treatment 

Most of our patients are elderly and majority of them have co morbidities like diabetes, hypertension and  heart diseases. Our expert oncologists improve all these conditions to ensure that patients complete oncology treatment without much discomfort. Opinion from other medical specialities is sought and pre treatment strategies are advised to improve patient tolerance and improve quality of life 

Organ preserving strategies 

Traditional methods of cancer surgery recommend removal of affected organs completely. Latest techniques are used by our cancer surgeons to save unaffected parts of organs to preserve function and improve quality of while assuring equivalent oncological outcomes.

Partial nephrectomy in kidney cancers
0 % of success rates on patients
Throat cancers
0 % of success rates on patients
Bladder cancers
0 % of success rates on patients
Lung cancers (lobectomy)
0 % of success rates on patients
Sphincter preservation in rectal cancer
0 % of success rates on patients
Limb saving surgery in bone cancer
0 % of success rates on patients
Breast conservation surgery
0 % of success rates on patients

  Advanced procedures and reconstructive techniques 

Our leading cancer surgeons are trained in advanced procedures and our cancer hospital is a tertiary referral center. Patients from all over the state are referred for advanced oncological procedure. Ours is one of the best cancer hospitals to provide excellent outcomes for complex oncosurgeries. Our plastic surgeons are famous for doing complicated reconstructions and ensuring exact form and functions 

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