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Uterine/endometrial cancer

Oncoxpert: The Best Cancer Hospital in Bangalore for Endometrial Cancer

Patients presenting with post-menopausal bleeding or menorrhagia must be evaluated for presence of endometrial cancer. Oncologists at our center have extensive experience in treating endometrial cancers with excellent outcomes. 

Patients undergo diagnosis and staging as per current international standards by our best oncologists. Diagnosis is done by endometrial biopsy and staging is done by PET CT or MRI as indicated.

Oncoxpert Offers Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery for Endometrial Cancer

Almost all patients undergo robotic surgery or laparoscopic surgery for endometrial cancer. It involves removal of uterus and ovaries.

Also it includes removal of pelvic and paraaortic lymph nodes. Key hole surgery offers minimal scars, less blood loss, negligible pain, least complications and rapid recovery and early discharge.

Our center is regarded as the one of the best cancer hospital offering this treatment with outcomes comparable to international standards

Sentinel lymph node biopsy 

This is a new technique where in the spread to lymph nodes can be checked during the surgery thereby avoiding unnecessary lymph node excision. This prevents post operative complication of lymphedema or swelling of legs.

This type of cancer has excellent survival rates almost approaching 100% for stage I and II

Number of patients treated

Stage I
0 Total Patients treated
Stage II
0 Total Patients treated
Stage III
0 Total Patients treated
Stage IV
0 Total Patients treated

Survival at 5 years after completion of treatment

0 %
Stage 1
0 %
Stage 2
0 %
Stage 3
0 %
Stage 4

Oncoxpert number of surgeries Robotic surgery – 26 Laparoscopy – 36 Open surgery– 12

Open surgery

  • Onwards


  • Onwards

Robotic surgery

  • Cycle Onwards
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Dr Sunil Navalgund

Dr. Sunil Navalgund has considerable experience in minimally invasive and robotic cancer surgeries. He has a keen sense of understanding of the cutting edge technologies in cancer care and effectively delivers them to patients for their optimum benefit.

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