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Unveiling the Precision: How Does the Robotic Surgical System Work?

Robotic Surgery

Robotics is at the forefront of innovation in surgery and is increasingly seen as surgeons best friend in handling difficult surgeries especially in field of oncology. It provides excellent vision, reach and maneuverability and ensures complex surgeries can be done with precision.

We use the robot extensively in thoracic ,Gastro intestinal ,urological and gyne oncosurgeries to provide state of art care to patients.

Patients have minimal scars, less bleeding pain and faster recovery. Robot has become our constant companion in or effort to provide best care and outcomes.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery compared to open Surgery

  • Bloodloss – 25% compared to open surgery
  • Hospital stay – 60% compared to open surgery
  • Scars – only port sites (8mmx4), open surgery 12-14 cms
  • Pain – 30% as compared to normal surgery

25% less Bloodloss compared to open surgery

Hospital stay is reduced 60% compared to open surgery

Surgical scars 6 months after robotic single site surgery A and robotic four arms e1684399257921
Surgical scars 6 months after robotic single site surgery A and robotic four arms 1 e1684399298413
After Robotic Surgery
Before Robotic Surgery
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Patient in Bed
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Number of Robotic surgeries done so far by Dr Sunil Navalgund

Colorectal Cancer
0 Patients treated
Stomach Cancer
0 Patients Treated
Endometrium/uterine Cancer
0 Patients Traeted
Esophagus Cancer
0 Patients Treated
Lung Cancer
0 Patients treated
Thyroid Cancer
0 Patients Treated
Kidney Cancer
0 Patients Traeted
0 Patients Treated
Dr Sunil Navalgund

Dr Sunil Navalgund

Dr. Sunil Navalgund has considerable experience in minimally invasive and robotic cancer surgeries. He has a keen sense of understanding of the cutting edge technologies in cancer care and effectively delivers them to patients for their optimum benefit.

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